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Traditional entertainment has for some time been challenged by digital and gaming, but we’re seeing tradition fight back. Secret Cinema are making real world experiences far more immersive than the latest blockbuster. Punch Drunk have turned theatre into full on immersive storytelling. Silent Opera has found an audience curious about a new format and consequently engaging a younger audience. They’ve learnt to embrace digital and sensory tools within their creative process with amazing results. Being there, rather than stuck behind a screen or device. Participatory, increasingly eclectic, singular concepts that combine all the senses are changing the future, and it’s looking great. Working with The Sancho Plan offered another glimpse into this future.

Here are some of the previous projects and The Black Page performance:






Ed Cookson, Ed Dawson Talyor, Olly Venning, Bruno Mathez and the rest of the amazing crew can be found here.