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Pineapple Studio

Since Debbie Moore opened Pineapple Dance Studios  in 1979, it has always been a beacon for dance, fashion and culture. A DIY culture meant that Pineapple tee’s, jumpers and hoodies were layered and altered to create individual looks.  No stranger to innovating in fabrics, Debbie Moore developed a Cotton/Lycra fabric with DuPont and become the first designer ever to use the fabric in dance wear. 


Finding a new retail space opposite the studio presented the opportunity to de clutter the current store layout and re focus on the brand values; and how this could amplify experiences and of course sales. We consulted on the complete store experience, a transformational retail destination that will morph and change relevant to campaigns and events.


Opening day.


The design challenges included tight deadlines and the desire to create something digital within the windows; that would not block visibility into the store. We created life size screens & produced content where our model seemingly walked from one totem to the other. Appearing in different apparel on each. By considered scale (life size) and synchronisation these digital elements worked in harmony with the store design and captured the attention of  passing traffic.

The store is now part of the creative hub of energy and excitement that spills onto Langley Street through immersive activities and experiential installations. All intrinsically linked; the street, the studio, the store. For the launch Pineapple dancers created a vibe; and with it a suitably large crowd of onlookers and admires.





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April 8, 2019