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Experience Design – flash back

Re opened 2018.

Published Sept 2014. Retail Focus Magazine. Experience Design

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Whilst the digital age has brought us all the social media tools that can amplify ‘brand association’, physical spaces are where you live the experience.  You’re not looking at a screen but immersed within the whole.

It’s with some surprise that we meet brands today that don’t appreciate this, or worse still don’t know who they’re trying to communicate with. ‘Everyone’ is not a good enough answer. Everyone is no one. Bland, beige, lifeless. How can you elicit a response from a group of people if you don’t know what they’re into? Ultimately, there is no place on the high street for brands who are unsure of this.

Helping you define your audience is the first stage of our Experience Design process. Then, with a healthy mix of analytics and creative we articulate relevant retail stories. Once in place, environments become more memorable and more relevant. Able to transform to mean different things, to different people, at different times. Whether it’s for an immersive retail experience, amplifying a campaign, or offering two-way interaction for information. Experience Design thinking provides a creative canvas for all of these things.

Experience Designers should have a broad understanding of retail design, creative, customer behavior, digital and sensory. And then be able to collaborate with the many stakeholders involved (design, operations) to create the perfect retail experience.

Darren Turrell


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October 17, 2018