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Covid 19

Firstly, we’re sending love, respect, and high praises for all on the front line. Meanwhile many of us in the arts & retail/events business are either on hold, or shutting shop to fight the spread of Covid-19. Whilst we’ve overseen digital content in many forms, we’ve always felt physical interactions and experiences are the most powerful and precious. Touching, feeling and connecting with one another, immersed in the whole. Until we can develop physical concepts that we love and can ensure audiences are safe, we’re going to continue to explore new tools, aiming to evoke those same feelings of togetherness and atmosphere whilst not being ‘in the room’. Continuing our understanding of XR and developing more concepts in VR & MR.

The following months in isolation will be tough, but we can learn new things, change views, reflect and evolve. Weird times. We recently reflected on a trip to Ethiopia in November 2019 before all this hit. After being held in Russia thanks to a work trip that went very wrong ( never overstay your welcome, or rely on the British Embassy to help ) Africa was the perfect antidote. At the beginning of the downtime we adapted some of the photographs. Enhancing them with how we felt at the time, a natural mystic.

Exhibited at SourceCreative 2020 virtual event.


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June 22, 2020